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Best thing since sliced bread

Brown Bread

Brown bread, celebrated for its wholesome goodness, is made from wheat flour. Brown bread retains the nutrient-rich bran offering a fiber-packed option for health-conscious individuals. With its slightly denser texture and nutty flavor, brown bread adds depth to sandwiches and provides a hearty base for toast or dipping into soups and stews. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, iron, and antioxidants, brown bread not only satisfies hunger but also contributes to a balanced diet, making it a popular choice among those seeking nourishment and flavor in every slice.

Both our White and Brown bread options are crafted with health in mind, offering a wholesome combination of essential nutrients and fiber for a balanced diet. Whether you prefer the classic softness of white bread or the hearty richness of brown bread, our loaves provide a nutritious choice for any meal.

White Bread

White bread, with its soft texture and buttery flavor, has long been a staple in South African households. Supersoft bread is simple but versatile making it a favorite for sandwiches, toast, and as a perfect side for countless meals. Whether paired with savory spreads or sweet jams, white bread provides a comforting and familiar taste that satisfies cravings and fills hunger. The timeless appeal of white bread continues to endure, offering a slice of comfort in every bite. 

Why our bread?

    • We use fortified flour which gives you a natural boost of vitamins and minerals.
    • Soft and fluffy in texture.
    • Suitable for Vegetarians, Halaal & Kosher diets.
    • We have reduced E numbers in our bread resulting in lower levels of artificial additives
    • Fresh buttery taste
    • Airy texture


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